O'Reilly Auto Parts Motor Madness

O'Reilly BGM Racing

Saturday, July 25, 2020, 1:00 pm

Motor Sports Ticket Prices
BGM Bump -n- Run: $10
Demo Derby: $12
Demo/BGM Combo: $18

Tickets available at the Fairgrounds
Office or by calling 406-535-8841

Similar to regular stock car racing, BGM Racing is a contact motorsport.  Drivers operate full cage modified race cars through a progression of heat races that place them into the C, B or A mains.  They live by the BGM tagline, 'rubbing is racing' as they bump each other for position on the track.  The raceway itself is not an endless series of left turns, but rather a winding obstacle course containing both left and right hand turns and jumps and bumps.  It is a high adrenaline event for spectators and competitors alike.  BGM Racing is a non-profit organization which will hold several events at the Fergus County Fairgrounds each year.

O'Reilly Demolition Derby

Saturday, July 25, 2020, 6:00 pm

The Demolition Derby is alive and well at the Central Montana Fair, so be ready for some hard-hitting, fender-bending excitement.  The drivers will be showcasing 2WD Pickups, Herbie, 80's Chain and Full Size Weld-up cars in this year's metal wars.  The ladies will get their turn in the Powder Puff heat by making some commotion in the 80's chain class cars.

The Full Size Weld Class will be run as a heated event depending on the amount of cars registered.  There is a possibility of running all cars in one main event with a conciliation heat following the main.  For derby rules and info, check out the CMDC website at LewistownDemoDerby.com or call Jason Hambright at 717-572-2571.